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Princess Kaiserin Elisabeth Prinses Kaizerin Sissi

Kaiserin Elisabeth
Empress Elisabeth "Sissi"
                    Princess Elisabeth from Austria became world famous as "Princess Sissi". She married Emperor Franz Josef I. when she was only 16 years old.Later she became interested in poltitics and Hungary.Her tragic life story made her to one of the most popular personalities in the European monarchy.

She was born as Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie von Wittelsbach, daughter of the bavarian Duke Max and the Duchess Ludovika on the 24th December 1837 in Munich.

Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie von Wittelsbach grew up with 7 brothers and sisters in the "Duke Max Palais" in Munich. She met Emperor Franz Josef I. during a holiday in Bad Ischl when she was 15 years old. It was her cousin. They fell in love with eachother immediately.Already one year later, on the 24th April, they married in the "Augustinerkirche" in Vienna.            &nb sp;         

Daughter Sophie was born on the 5th March 1855 in Vienna, but two years later her child died in Budapest.Her second child Gisela was born on the 15th July 1856 in Vienna. The long waited throne heir, crown prince Rudolf commited suicide after a mystical affair with a young lady called "Mary Vetsera". Rudolf was born on the wurde am 21th August 1858 in Laxenburg close to Vienna.

The marriage of Sissi was not without problems. There were a lot of disagreements between Sissi and Franz Josef.Sissi started to travell a lot to escpae from her husband. Her trips leaded her around the world.

The highlight in their fights took place in July 1860. Sissi Left Vienna to Possenhofen. In the same year her health condition turned worser. To recover she travelled to the island Madeira.

One year later she went back to Vienna, but her health became a setback again.To recover she travelled to the island Korfu. 1862 she went back to Vienna again.

Elisabeth started to learn the hungarian language in 1863. Soon she was able to use this language perfectly.She was also learning French, Czech and Italian. Later she also started to learn old and new Greek. She was also interested in the Greek culture.Her favourite literature were works from Heinrich Heine, William Shakespeare, Wolfgang von Goethe, Homer or Arthur Schopenhauer.

Sissi was killed on the 10th September 1898 in Genf/Switzerland. The 24 years old Anarchist Luigi Lucheni ended her life with a knife.

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