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"Am Hof"  Square Vienna

The square "Am Hof" is located in the centre of Viennas old town on the end of the Naglergasse alley.

In the middle ages the Babenberger (the dynasty who ruled Austria before the Habsburgers) had their residence here.

When the Habsburgers came to power in 1280 they moved from "Am Hof" to the Hofburg.

During the 14th century a market existed on the square for saltwater fishes and crabs. One clause from the 14th century told that the seewater fish should still be sold on the market "Am Hof", instead on the real fish market that time which was located on the square called "Hoher Markt".

In 1768 the saltwater fish market moved away and baker's products were sold. Later also a christmas market was located here.

am hof square vienna

Anker baker's shop on the "Am Hof" square. The last remnant of the big baker's market on the square in former time.

am hof square vienna

Akakiko - the Japanese restaurant on the corner. Turn right to enter the Naglergasse.

am hof square vienna

"Die Kirche am Hof", the church of the "Am Hof" square was built between the years 1386 and 1403.Today the building is the church of the Croatian community in Vienna.

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