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paschingInhabitants: 6.500

Pasching is a village in the central area of the federal state Upper Austria. The village turned to an important economical centre of Upper Austria.

In the southern part of the village, Pasching owns the biggest shopping centre in Upper Austria: Plus City.

Districts of Pasching are: Aistental, Langholzfeld, Pasching, Thurnharting, Wagram.

Pasching gained Austrian wide fame and popularity by its football team. In a couple of years they made it from the 6th League to the 1st, and into professional football.

The municipality of Pasching is divided in the Southern part with its industrial area, the shopping city and also the football stadium and main traffic artery. The centre, city hall and church is located quite far in the Northern part.


In contrast to its Southern part, the main centre of Pasching is still characterized by agrarian and village character. On the right of the picture: Grocery Andorfer.


Driving out of Pasching to the Danube river in the north.

Accommodation Hotels:Langholzfelderhof Prinz Eugen Strasse 14061 Pasching

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