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upper austria oberösterreich ottensheimInhabitants: 4.500

The little town Ottensheim is located on the Danube river close to the Upper Austrian capital Linz. Ottensheim is part of the Mühlviertel region.

The districts of Ottensheim are: Dürnberg, Höflein, Niederottensheim, Ottensheim und Weingarten.

Ottensheim is on the junction of the heavy used road from Rohrbach and Aschach to Linz. There is also a ferry from Ottensheim across the Danube river on the other shore to the village Wilhering.

The name Ottensheim comes from the Old High German prefix "Oten-" or "Oto-", but also from the personal names "Otuni" or "Otini". So the name of the town could come from the "Knight Otini", who built a castle in Ottensheim.

The first mention in a document as in the year 1148 as "Oteneshaim". Since 1227 the Castle Ottensheim belonged to the Babenberger. Up to that point in time only Linz (since 1210) and Enns (since 1212) had the right for a market.

ottensheim oberösterreich upper austria

Ottensheim from the other shore of Wilhering with the ferry.

ottensheim oberösterreich upper austria danube ferry donaufähre

On the ferry from Wilhering to Ottensheim. The ferry is connected from the shores with a wire rope and is in operation since 1871. The ferry was renewed in the years 1879 and 1964.

ottensheim oberà ƒÂ¶sterreich upper austria danube ferry donaufähre

The landing place of the ferry.

ottensheim oberösterreich upper austria castle

The castle of Ottensheim was first mentioned in the year 1148 and belonged to the brothers Cholo and Ulrich von Wilheringen. After the second world war the castle was occupied by the Russian army until 1955.

ottensheim oberösterreich upper austria

The first houses which you see when you reach Ottensheim through the ferry. Have a rest in Gregor's Wirthaus:Donaulände 3.

ottensheim oberösterreich upper austria

The centre with the market place of Ottensheim and the church "Sankt Ägidius", which was built in the second half of the 15th century.

ottensheim oberösterreich upper austria

Gasthaus zum schwarzen Adler on the market place. What a tradition! The restaurant was first mentioned in the year 1228!

ottensheim oberösterreich upper austria

Also an interesting place to be in Ottensheim: "Brauhaus Ottensheim" (the brewing house).Ingo LaskaHostauerstrass¸e 24100 OttensheimThe beer there is called "Thor Bräu". The beer dedicated to the old German pagan God "Thor".

ottensheim oberösterreich upper austria

The Linzer Strasse in Ottensheim which leads through the centre.

Accommodation Hotels:Gasthof zur PostLinzerstr. 174100 Ottensheim

Donauhof "An der Fähre"Donaulände 9A- 4100 Ottensheim

Hotel "Schwarzer Adler"Marktplatz 19A- 4100 Ottensheim

Landgasthof RodlhofRodl 11A- 4100 Ottensheim

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