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upper austria oberösterreichInhabitants: 190.000
is the capital of the province Upper Austria.

    Ars Electronica
The area around Linz already showed a continous settlement since the year 4.000 BC. In the first century the Romeans created a fortress with the name "Lentia".The name "Linz" was mentioned in a document the first time in the year 799.1490 Linz became the capital of Upper Austria.Between 1480 and 1493 Linz was the residence of Emperor Friedrich III., who ruled from Linz over the Romean-German Empire.Linz was a little province town until the 20th century with a small and medium enterprises influenced economy-structure. An Important impulse for the city development gave the salt-trade, and a booming textil industry in the 18th century.

linz hauptplatz pestsäule
Hauptplatz Linz mit Pestsäule/Main Quare with Pestilence Pillar

linz altstadt
Haus in der Altstadt/House in Old Town

linz ars electronica
Ars Electronica, the museum of the future

linz lentos art museum
Lentos Art Museum next to the Danube River
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