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nauders tirolInhabitants: 1.700

I reached the Tiroleon village of Nauders in the late afternoon on a Wednesday in the beginning of March. Nauders is located in the South Western part of Tirol, almost in the corner of the three countries Austria, Italy and Switzerland. The village is a popular destination for summer and winter tourists and offers 4.200 beds for its guests.

Nauders is located on the Reschenpass, which was opened by the Roman Empire in the year 50. It was an important trade route from the centre of the Roman Empire to the German city of Augsburg. In that time Nauders was an important weigh station on that path.


On the way up to Nauders on a late Wednesday afternoon.


There are three different churches in Nauders. This one seemed to be the smallest.


The second biggest church in Nauders.


The biggest church on the top of the village.


The castle of Nauders. Today there is a restaurant and a museum inside.


Nauders is located directly next to the border of Italy. If you pass the border and the next village Resia (Reschen) you will find the   lost village under the water in the Lake Reschensee. Only the tower of the church reminds of the past village.

Accommodation Hote ls:nauders

Almost every house offers at least two guest beds or is a hotel.

Hotel PostNr. 376543 Naudersnauders

Hotel Post in the centre of Nauders.

Alpenhotel Tia MonteDr.-Tschiggfrey Strasse 306543 Nauders

Alpin-Spa-Hotel NaudererhofNr. 1606543 Nauders

Beauty & Sporthotel TirolerhofNr. 276543 Nauders

Hotel AlmhofNr. 3146543 Nauders,

Hotel AlpinaNr. 2256543 Nauders

Hotel ArabellaNr. 3556543 Nauders

Hotel AstoriaNr. 3506543 Nauders

Hotel BergblickNr. 3026543 Nauders

Hotel CentralNr. 1966543 Nauders

Hotel DreiländerblickReschenpass 2186543 Nauders

Hotel Edelweiss - Fam. KöllemannNr. 2566543 Nauders

Hotel ErikaBundesstrasse 2476543 Nauders

Hotel HochfinstermünzNr. 1786543 Nauders

Hotel HochlandNr. 1836543 Nauders

Hotel Margarete MaultaschNr. 1626543 Nauders

Hotel Neue BurgNr. 3706543 Nauders

Hotel-Cafe Schwarzer AdlerNr. 336543 Nauders

Hotel-garni AlpettaNr. 3596543 Nauders


Nightfall in Nauders. Going for a walk through the village.

Restaurant Niklas

Bundesstrasse 2586543 Naudersnauders

Niklas is the restaurant in Nauders directly next to the main road to Italy. We had a dinne r there before our long homeward journey during the night.

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