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lienz tyrol tirol osttirolInhabitants: 12.500

Lienz is the capital of Eastern Tyrol which is still part of Tyrol, but separated by the federal province of Salzburg, since Austria lost the first world war. After the lost war in 1918 Italians took Southern Tyrol from Austria, and Eastern Tyrol lost its common border with Northern Tyrol.

Lienz is located in the centre of Eastern Tyrol, and provides an important junction since ancient time between Carinthia and Southern Tyrol.

The oldest findings are from the time around 2000 B.C. The first settlement was in todays Eastern part of Lienz. Celtic tribes lived since 300 B.C. from the mining industry. The Celtics became too much dependent from the Romean Empire, and their province was annexed by the Romeans.Around the year 610 there was a big battle between Bavarians and Slavonians and the settlement was totally destroyed.

At the end of the 12th century, the Gorizians built the fortress "Lienz" with city wall and moat in the form of todays market place. Lienz was first mentioned in a document in the year 1242.

lienz osttirol eastern tyrol

The Chapel of St. Anthony, built in the 17th century, with high baroque onion-shaped steeple.

lienz osttirol eastern tyrol

Liebburg in the town centre, built as residence for the counts of Wolkenstein in the 17th century. Since the renovation of the building it is used as town hall. The imposing grey castle dominates the Hauptplatz, the main square is pedestrian area from mid-June to mid-September.


Hauptplatz, the main quare in Lienz.

lienz osttirol eastern tyrol

The Spitalskirche, a side street away from the Hauptplatz.

lienz osttirol eastern tyrol

Unknown knight fountain on the Hauptplatz.

lienz osttirol eastern tyrol

Johannesplatz, the second square in the centre of Lienz.

lienz osttirol eastern tyrol

The way from Johannesplatz back to the Hauptplatz.

Accommodation Hotels:Hotel TraubeHauptplatz 14A- 9900 Lienzlienz osttirol eastern tyrol

Romantic hotel and hotel of the wine merchant.

Altstadthotel EckHauptplatz 20A- 9900 Lienz/Osttirol

Ferienhotel MoarhofMoarfeldweg 18A- 9900 Lienz

Hotel Goldener FischKärntner Strasse 9A- 9900 Lienz

Hotel-Pension Gasthof NeuwirtSchweizergasse 229900 Lienz/Osttirol

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