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burgenland breitenbrunnInhabitants: 1.800

You pass Breitenbrunn if you are travelling to the city of Neusiedl/See.

Breitenbrunn is located on the western shore of the Lake Neusiedlersee.

Breitenbrunn was first mentioned in a dcoument in the year 1262. "Wide around the well", that's how the first settlers built their houses. That was where the name comes from: Breitenbrunn = wide around the well.

During the Turkish invasion of Austria in 1683, a battle took place around Breitenbrunn. A wall of earth is still visible on the main spot of the battle. Records tell that on 8 July 1683, five hundred Austrian soldiers were killed fighting the Turks at this wall, and that subsequently, the village was razed and many of its inhabitants killed or kidnapped (from this so-called "skull" section).

breitenbrunn burgenland

Passing Breitenbrunn on the main road.

breitenbrunn burgenland

The striking white tower of Breitenbrunn.

breitenbrunn burgenland

Leaving Breitenbrunn to visit the town of Neusiedl am See.

Accommodation Hotels:Turmhof BreitenbrunnKirchengasse 17091 Breitenbrunn

Gasthof-Pension WeinJohann WeinEisenstädterstrasse 717091 Breitenbrunn

Ferienhaus ToblerBahnstrasse 147091 Breitenbrunn

FERIENWOHNUNGEN IM "SONNENGARTEN"Seestrasse 447091 Breitenbrunn

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